Antifoul and
Prop Speed

Every 10 – 12 months your vessel should be lifted out of the water and placed on the hardstand for antifoul, prop speed, anode replacement, engine servicing and detailing.

A1 Marine Matters recommend the International or Jotun antifoul system. Whatever the hull material of your vessel, we have an antifoul system to suit you. If you prefer a different brand of an antifoul system we can accommodate you.

On the propellers and shafts we recommend using prop speed. Prop speed is proven to last longer on the running gear than standard antifoul. This is very important as a build-up of marine growth and barnacles, etc. will limit the performance and fuel economy of your vessel and can also cause damage to the engines through vibrations resulting from the growth. A1 Marine Matters also recommend having one of our divers check and clean the hull, running gear, anodes and intakes on your vessel every 3 – 6 months.

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Antifoul and Prop Speed

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